You don't need anything to get started. Bring yourself as you are, leave a revitalized you.

100% Customized

No two people are alike, so either are your training plans. I completely customize my plans based on your body type, lifestyle, wellness goals, and schedule. From diet to workouts to sports training, I'll make sure you are constantly striving for your best you.

No Pressure

I understand how uncomfortable it can be to work with a trainer who pressures you just so they can get paid. I'm not like that. My goal is to establish a lasting relationship with clients to help them reach their goals. Never pressure, only accountability. 

On Your Time

You're busy, but your health goals matter to you, so I customize a training plan that works with your schedule. Plus, I can guarantee that my training sessions will give you more energy and life, so you'll start finding more time in your schedule naturally.

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Creating and sticking to a solid, consistent fitness routine takes work, but working with Taylor’D Body makes it easier.  

Many of the rewards of a healthy lifestyle go well beyond a sculpted body:

  • Regular workouts are proven to reduce stress hormones and stimulate the production of endorphins, helping you feel more calm and relaxed.
  • A healthier you means reduced blood pressure, strengthened heart, and a reduced risk of major diseases.  
  • A healthier life is a happier one. When you’re feeling your best, you’re more likely to enjoy your personal and professional life.  
  • Along with added mental clarity, exercise slows cognitive decline, improves your memory, and enhances your creativity.  
  • Whether it’s because you look better or feel more confident, or both, regular exercise equals a healthier sex life.  
  • Studies show that your quality of sleep increases with regular exercise.  

Once you’ve experienced even a few major fitness benefits, you’ll feel encouraged to keep up the good work. That could mean that you’re making healthier decisions when it comes to diet, getting up early, or keeping your house cleaner—anything to complement your fitness goals. Likewise, it’s a huge confidence boost knowing that you’ve reached a goal, and that will carry over into other areas!

Although dedicating time to workout on a regular basis isn’t easy or always convenient, it really will pay off in dividends. Consistent exercise leads to fitness benefits in all areas, not just the waistline.

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As reigning Mrs. Maryland USA and an international matchmaker, I’ve worked hard to keep myself fit and in shape. I may have started on my fitness journey for aesthetic purposes, but once I discovered significant improvements in my confidence and mentality I knew that it was just the beginning.  

I began providing personal training services to my elite matchmaking clients, but after an overwhelming response from the public, I’ve decided to craft a program for women looking to make these important changes.  

I’ve found that by empowering yourself through physical fitness and optimal health, you set a foundation for success in other areas. I can provide personal training, healthy food advice and meal plans to have you feeling better than ever!

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You deserve the body and health you've imagined. Make it a breeze to reach your goals with Taylor'D Body.

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